By Jack Kallmeyer,

Welcome to "Jack's Stacks", a monthly review of books on the subject of Paleontology by Jack Kallmeyer , Dry Dredgers President. This is a featured column of the Dry Dredgers Bulletin , a publication for Dry Dredgers members. This Web page contains a compilation of the complete works of "Jack's Stacks" dating back to September 1993.

Want to learn more about Paleontology?  Surf these book reviews.  Jack reviews the latest publications from the "popular" to the professional as well as many older valuable works.  Each review contains information about technical content, readability, and potential value to the reader.

Jack reminds us that these reviews contain his opinions.  These are not necessarily the opinions of the Dry Dredgers
(even though they should be! - Jack). 


Sept. 1993 The Basic Library of Students of the Cincinnatian
Oct. 1993 Paleo Library for the More Advanced
Nov. 1993 General Description of The Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology
Jan. 1994 Deducing the Physiology of Mesozoic Giants
Feb. 1994 Dinosauria - A Technical Reference
Mar. 1994 Plattenkalk, Lithography, and Archaeopteryx
Apr. 1994 Up to Date Dinosaur Science for the People
May 1994 Extinction - Luck of the Draw
June 1994 Trilobites in Words and Pictures - by a Physicist!
Sept. 1994 Advanced Trilobites by an Expert
Oct. 1994 First Rate Paleo Text
Nov. 1994 Changing the Image of Mankind
Jan. 1995 Big Picture Paleo - Geo Text
Feb. 1995 Leakey/Lewin Reconsider Origins
Mar. 1995 Advanced Graptolites
Apr. 1995 Serious Stratigraphy
May 1995 Paleontology Evidence Supports Modern Ecological Studies
June 1995 Dino Times!
Sep. 1995 Recapitulation: Basic Library
Oct. 1995 The Smell of a Dead Fish
Nov. 1995 A Little Dinosaur Tale
Jan. 1996 The Tale of a Really Big Dinosaur
Feb. 1996 "Evolution by Jerks"
Mar. 1996 Old Bones - Your Relatives?
Apr. 1996 Recapitulation: Basic Library
June 1996 Historically Speaking
Sep. 1996 Bone Hunter's Supreme
Oct. 1996 A Compendium of Dinosaur Topics
Nov. 1996 The Gouldian Knot
Jan. 1997 The Leakeys Reconsidered
Feb. 1997 Correcting a Bad Rap
Mar. 1997 What Asteroid?
Apr. 1997 Mongolian Beef Tips
May 1997 Many Forks in the Road
June 1997 On the Horns of a Dilemma
Sep. 1997 Worth the Wait?
Jan. 1998 The Official Viewpoint
Feb. 1998 Mammoth Extinction and Human Hunger
Mar. 1998 More About Mammoths
May 1998 A Good Book by a Local Author
June 1998 For History Buffs
Nov. 1998 Your Grandparents Were What???
Jan. 1999 S. J. Gould Wrong? What’s Up With That?
Feb. 1999 German Lagerstätten is Not an Imported Pilsner
Mar. 1999 Can Fossils Be Alive?
Apr. 1999 More Time Travel
Sep. 1999 Where Did It Start?
Nov. 1999 Beginnings Arguments
Jan. 2000 Crinoid Excellence
Feb. 2000 Paleontology for the New Age?
Mar. 2000 Extraterrestrial Mass Extinctions
Apr. 2000 Punctuated Equilibria - One Step Beyond
May 2000 Beware of Books with Misleading Titles
Sept. 2000 Odds Are...We Are Alone
Oct. 2000 Cladistics, It's Not What You Think
Jan. 2001 Creationism or Environmentalism?
Feb. 2001 Fossils: Basis for Ancient Mythical Creatures?
Apr. 2001 The Eyes Have It! Trilobite Eyes
Sep. 2001 The Latest On Your Family Tree
Oct. 2001 Life After Fortey
Nov. 2001 The Discovery of Human Prehistory
Jan. 2002 Walking on Eggs - Literally!
Feb. 2002 Mass Extinctions - A Technical Presentation
Mar. 2002 Paleontology 101
Apr. 2002 Cousin Neanderthal
May 2002 One For Science
Sept. 2002 A Toothsome Tale
Nov. 2002 The Fall of the House of Ussher
Jan. 2003 Lagerstätten, The Best of the Best
Feb. 2003 Ammonites, A Brief Study
March 2003 The Original Indiana Jones
March 2005 The Failure of Science (?)
Oct. 2005 The Earliest Evolution of Life on Earth
Jan. 2006 Creation of Life, Not of this Earth
Feb. 2006 Trilobites for Everyone!
March 2006 Native American Paleontologists
Sept. 2006 Basics on Invertebrates
Oct. 2006 Evolution Revolution: Evo Devo
Nov. 2006 The Beginnings of Geology
March 2007 More Facts To Ignore?
May 2007 The Wrinkled Conch With Three Lobes
Feb 2008 Footprints in the Sands of Time
March 2008 Dinosaur In The Flesh
Sept 2008 Chinese Feathers and More
Oct. 2008 The Science of Fiction
Nov 2008 A Tribute to N. Gary Lane (1930 - 2006)
Jan 2009 The Oldest Multicellular Life
Mar 2009 ....Evolution. It Happened. Deal With It.
Apr 2009 The Cincinnatian: From Soup to Nuts
Sept 2009 New Book Alert
Sept 2010 The Beauty of Stone
Oct. 2010 Kid's Stuff
Nov. 2010 Important Contributors to Evolutionary Studies
Feb 2016 Silurian Lagerstätten
Mar 2016 Stromatolites 
Apr 2016 Heteromorph Ammonites
May 2016 Amateur Contributions to Paleontology
Sept 2016 Silica Shale Redux
Oct. 2016 Texas Echinoids
Sept 2017 The Big Five Mass Extinctions
March 2018 The Chambered Nautilus
September 2018 Special Guest Review by Dale Gnidovec

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