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Editor - Jack Kallmeyer

February 2024
Trilobites & Echinoderms, Oh Boy!

Our featured presentation this month will be given by Dry Dredgers member and trilobite collector par excellence, Don Bissett. His talk is titled, Silurian Massie Shale Lagerstätte. This presentation will focus on the echinoderms and trilobites of the Silurian Massie Shale in southeast Indiana. He first collected an exposure of the Massie (formerly Osgood) in 1979, and discovered a rich deposit of cystoids. He shared the site with other collectors and professionals, leading to many research projects to study the new-to-science material. Even though Don has moved from Cincinnati to Michigan, he periodically ventures back to Indiana to continue collecting the site, where new discoveries are still being made after 45 years of concentrated effort on the Massie Shale.

Don is a fossil hobbyist, a long-time member of the Dry Dredgers and contributor to the Bulletin, and has served as the GeoFair Dealer Chair for over 20 years. His primary fossil collecting interests are trilobites and echinoderms, though many other types of fauna and flora fill his personal museum at home.

TIME: 8 pm
Friday, February 23, 2024
Room 201 Braunstein Hall
                University of Cincinnati Clifton Campus
SIMULCAST: via Zoom - Link sent no later than February 21st

Here are some directions to our meeting room.

We are still asking that members attending our meetings in person wear a mask. Most people have complied but we still see people ignoring our request. Remember that masks are primarily to protect others from you, not you from others. Even if you think you are immune for whatever reason, we still strongly suggest that you wear a mask to protect others. Some of our members who attend these meetings are in high risk groups (including me) so please be courteous and sensitive to their situation. Vaccination is also highly recommended. If you forgot your mask we have a limited number of free ones at the front of the room.

Weather Alert
by Jack Kallmeyer

Since it is technically still winter, I’ll repeat this notice from last month: It’s that time of year again where weather could be a factor for our meeting. If the University of Cincinnati is closed because of weather or any other reason, our meeting will revert to a Zoom only meeting. If the weather is going to be exceptionably bad on our meeting night and we decide to use Zoom regardless of UC’s position, we will inform you by multiple methods: by email, so check that before you venture out on a questionable weather night; we will post a cancellation notice on the home page of our website; we will post a notice on our Facebook page; we will also post a notice on the Channel 19 closings list. If you are at all in doubt of the road conditions don’t risk your safety trying to get to the meeting.

Beginner's Class
By Greg Courtney

The Beginners Class will be conducted from 7:15 PM to 8:00 PM on February 23rd. It will be held before the general meeting in room 300 in Braunstein Hall on UC campus. That's one floor up from the main meeting. The class will be in-person only, no remote Zoom. This month we again feature Dry Dredger Cole Simpson as our presenter. Cole will be speaking further about faunal associations in the Cincinnatian Series. Topics will include paleopathology (predominantly injuries), Ichnology (fossilized tracks, trails and burrows) gastropod and crinoid association and various borings.


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