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April 2018

Fossil Horses for 76th Anniversary Meeting

The Dry Dredgers welcome Dr. Bruce J. MacFadden and Ms. Jennifer Sunderman Broo as our featured program presenters. The title of their talk is, “Fossil Horses, Museum Exhibits and 3d Learning in Schools.”

Program abstract: Horses (Family Equidae) are a classic example of evolution interpreted from the fossil record. The first part of this talk (MacFadden) will provide an introduction to the study of fossil horses and how this group is displayed in museum exhibits. The second part of this talk (Sunderman Broo) will discuss an innovative program in which fossil horses are used in high-school biology curriculum in Cincinnati.

Dr. MacFadden and Jennifer have worked together on several scientist-teacher partnerships, including field paleontology in Panama, Florida, and New Mexico, and developing K-12 lesson plans on fossil horses.

Dr. MacFadden is Distinguished Professor and Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Florida Museum, University of Florida. He received his B.S. from Cornell University and PhD from Columbia University. He is the author of 200 scientific papers and the 1992 book Fossil Horses published by Cambridge University Press. He is the founder of the FOSSIL Project charged with improving relationships between professional and avocational paleontologist. Dr. MacFadden is the President-Elect of The Paleontological Society.

Jennifer is a high school biology teacher at St. Ursula Academy in Cincinnati. Jennifer received her B.S. from the University of Dayton and M.Ed. from Xavier University. She is fascinated by evolution and paleontology and uses these topics to begin her Biology courses. Jennifer has co-authored a publication in the journal The American Biology Teacher entitled, “Using Fossil Teeth to Study the Evolution of Horses in Response to a Changing Climate.” Jennifer is also a member of the Dry Dredgers.

TIME: 8:00 pm
DATE: Friday, April 27, 2018
PLACE: Room 201 Braunstein Hall
University of Cincinnati Campus
Click here for directions to the meeting
Click here to see photos of previous meetings.and more info on our meetings

Beginner's Class
by Greg Courtney 

There will be no Beginner’s Class this month since room 301 will be used for our fund raising auction.

March Field Trip
by Matthew Speights

Our second (actually our first because of last month’s cancellation) outdoor field trip of the season will be held on Saturday, April 28th, at 10:00 A.M.

We’ll be collecting on road cuts in Fleming County, Kentucky. The road cuts expose the Corryville and Mount Auburn Members of the Upper Ordovician Grant Lake Formation. These roadcuts were blasted between 2005 and 2006, so they haven’t been collected for very long. The very fossiliferous Corryville Member is exposed where we will meet. Like the slightly older Bellevue Member, the Corryville has plenty of Hebertella and Vinlandostrophia (= Platystrophia) ponderosa brachiopods to collect. The most interesting fossil here, though, is “Solenopora,” wrinkled lumps that are abundant, can be up to 6" across, and are often colored pink (which may be due to a boron-containing pigment). Although they appear somewhat like a stone brain (you can tell your friends that your brain is a bit fossilized…), “Solenopora” was probably a calcareous red algae that might have looked similar to rhodolithic coralline algae today. In 2004, the European type species of Solenopora was reclassified as a chaetetid sponge, so the specimens we will collect probably need a new genus name (that’s why we use the name with quotation marks). There is plenty of parking at the site along the roadside on both sides; just be careful to pull off and park in a spot where you are clear of traffic and where there is not a steep dropoff. Be careful crossing the road if you park on the left (east) side. Small children must be supervised at all times.

Directions to where we will gather for the field trip can be found in the full-Bulletin both mailed and emailed to dues-paying members. Non-members are welcome on this trip. Just email Bill Heimbrock at and he will get you what you need to attend the field trip.

Penn Dixie Weekend is Back!
by Bob Bross

June 15th, 16th, and 17th marks the return of "Penn Dixie Weekend," a 3-day paleontology excursion through Western New York and Ontario Canada. While access to the Penn Dixie site is all three days, there are also options to visit other locations. Unfortunately, the James Dick Quarry has recently been closed to collecting.

Friday (14th) Ridgemount Quarry just across the border from Buffalo
Saturday (15th) Penn Dixie
Saturday evening - Astronomy Night at Penn Dixie
Sunday (16th) Penn Dixie

Many additional details are available. If you are interested, please email Bob Bross at Members from the Dry Dredgers, Kentucky Paleontological Society, New York Paleontological Society, and "special friends" from colleges, universities, and at least one resident Canadian from the UK have joined together in the past; All paleo enthusiasts are invited. An inquiry does not cost anything or commit you to the trip - but you will have all the details. Please contact Bob as soon as you can - and look forward to a great weekend in June!

Annual Fund Raising Auction
by Jack Kallmeyer

The auction is ready to go! We have over 150 lots this year. A partial listing of auction items is attached to the end of this E-bulletin. Note that there are no fossils on this list as we didn’t have time to compile them before our publication deadline. Rest assured, there will be fossils available for bid including trilobites, Crawfordsville crinoids, identified shark teeth sets and more. Of note are numerous rare books donated by Professor Jon Branstrator and a large collection donated by Dry Dredger George Grossenbaugh.

We hope that many can join us for our annual fund-raising silent auction. This is our second largest fund raising effort each year. All proceeds go towards our outreach and educational efforts. Items in the auction cover a wide range of values and interests so there should be something for every budget. Items are both adult oriented (no not that kind of adult, the other kind) and youth oriented.

Here is how the auction will be run:
Preview of items in room 301will be from 7:15 until the meeting starts at 8:00. Preliminary bidding will be permitted.
The final bid process will start after our program at 9:15 and end at 9:45.

Each bid sheet will state if a minimum bid is required and by how much a bid has to be increased (these are highlighted in yellow). All items will require bid jumps in whole dollars only. To withdraw a bid please draw a line through it rather than erase it.

At the end of the auction, winning bidders will bring their items and the bid sheets to Dean Swartz who will handle all payments. PAYMENT MUST BE BY CASH OR CHECK ONLY - no IOUs or Credit cards. If a bidder is unable to pay, the item will then be offered to the next highest bidder at their last bid amount.

Should a winning bidder have to leave before the auction ends, we will inform that person by email or in the May bulletin. The item will be brought to the May meeting for pick-up and payment unless other arrangements are made. We will not ship items.

Any donated item that does not sell becomes the property of the Dry Dredgers unless the donor has previously informed us that the item is to be returned.


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