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February 2018


TThe Dry Dredgers welcome U. C. Professor Takuya Konishi as our featured speaker this month. The title of his program is, "Beyond a tailfin: what else do we NOT know about mosasaurs (Squamata: Mosasauridae)?"

Abstract: Recent advancement in our knowledge on mosasaurs, a group of aquatically highly adapted lizards strictly of the Late Cretaceous period (100-66 Ma), has illuminated many aspects of mosasaur paleobiology with respect to their secondary aquatic adaptation, including their streamlined body form, hydrodynamic scales, and forked tailfin at the end of their long tail. Still, at the fundamentally gross morphological level, there still exists a rich array of data that have yet to be explored to yield new hypotheses concerning these magnificent, fish-shaped reptiles' evolutionary and ecological success that could have lasted well over 30 million years, had it not been for the end-Cretaceous bolide impact that abruptly ended their successful existence.

Professor Konishi is a vertebrate paleontologist by training. He received both his Bachelor’s and Doctoral degrees from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Professor Konishi’s research interests include: evolution of fossil marine reptiles, mosasaurs, marine trophic structures across North America during the Cretaceous inclusive of the Arctic Circle, and comparative analysis on morphofunctional traits among swimming tetrapods past and present. He is currently teaching Human/Comparative Anatomy at the Department of Biological Sciences here at U. C.

TIME: 8:00 pm
DATE: Friday, March 2, 2018 NOTE SPECIAL DATE
PLACE: Room 300 Braunstein Hall NOTE NEW ROOM
University of Cincinnati Campus
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Beginner's Class
by Greg Courtney 

The Beginner’s Class will be held at 7:15 PM, Friday, March 2nd. NOTE SPECIAL DATE. The class will be in room 301 Braunstein Hall. The subject will be an introduction to fossil snails via the “Three Amigos”. We will watch a slide show on Gastropods by Ron Fine. We will have our club expert on Gastropods, Steve Felton, share his specimens and stories. This will be a rare treat to see so many species of fossil snails collected over many decades. Ron will show his beautiful velvet mounted snail fossils. Greg Courtney will bring his snail slabs. Bring any specimens you need help identifying or just dazzle us with your finds.

Weather Alert
by Jack Kallmeyer

It’s that time of year again where weather could be a factor for our meeting. If the University of Cincinnati is closed because of weather our meeting will be cancelled. If the weather is going to be exceptionably bad on our meeting night and we decide to cancel regardless of UC’s position, we will inform you be email so check that before you venture out on a questionable weather night. We will also post a cancellation notice on the home page of our website. If you are at all in doubt of the road conditions don’t risk your safety trying to get to the meeting.

February Field Trip

See your full bulletin mailed/emailed to dues-paying members for information on this special indoor field trip.

Deadline for Paleo Research Awards Approaching
by Tom Bantel

Applications for the Dry Dredgers Paleontology Research awards are due by March 1st. Anyone wishing to be reimbursed up to $1000 for research work in paleontology and related fields can get information and forms on the Dry Dredgers website –

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