Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 28, 2005
Mt. Orab Trilobite Farm, Ohio

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Brachiopods found that day included the very fragile inarticulate brachiopod, Pseudolingula. There are 4 specimens on the rock shown below.

This site is in the Arnheim formation. And so it's the lowest formation in the Cincinnatian series where the Brachiopod Leptaena is found (below).

Here's a nice cluster of the tiny Brachiopod, Zygospira. This rock is made entirely of this brachiopod!


Among the clams found included this beautifully preserved Caritodens!

Another type of fossils found were annelid worm tubes called Cornulites. The specimens below are much larger than usual. Nice!


There were many straight shelled Nautiloid Cephalopods found. The one below was found by new member Richard Adams. It was recovered, from the slab it was found, in both by Richard, a Student of Indiana University East and current member Peggy Branstrator, Lecturer of Biology at Indiana University East as well.
P5280139.JPG P5280140.JPG  

The Cephalopod below was encrusted by something, but it's all calcite crystals now.

And finally, quite a few gastropods of the genera Cyclonema were found.

That's all! Our next field trip is June 11. Hope to see you there!

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