Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 29, 2004
Mt. Orab, Ohio, Trilobite Farm

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Page 1: Introduction

There had been so much rain this spring, that the land owner could not hire a dozer this spring to expose the intense trilobite layer. But, graciously, he still invited the Dry Dredgers to have our annual field trip to surface collect. Since this site has the best trilobite surface collecting in the area (possibly in the world), this provided an excellent opportunity to see just how many trilobites can be extracted from these diggers' reject piles.

  The response was as big as ever. And the weather, as usual, was perfect. I counted 28 cars in the caravan from the rest stop, where we met, to the private property, whose location had been kept secret.

The parking was a real challenge. It's a narrow driveway with tall grass on either side. But we managed to squeeze each and every car in there.

The professional digging surfaces (shale layers), which you saw in previous year's pictures, was underground.    

On the panorama below, click a part of it to zoom in.

It seemed the best collecting surfaces were the flat sections that were subject to water flow when it rained.

The piles of rejected shale from years of digging-n-splitting were weathered and often partially covered with tall weeds, but provided exceptional surface collecting. Trilobites where the most common fossil to be found!
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Page 1: Introduction and Collecting Photos
Page 2: More Collecting Photos
Page 3: Fossils Found That Day: Part 1, Crinoids and Other Rarities
Page 4: Fossils Found That Day, Part 2: Isotelus and Flexi Trilobites

Page 5: Fossils Found That Day, Part 3: More Flexicalymene

Page 6: Living Fossils Found That Day

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