Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 28, 2005
Mt. Orab Trilobite Farm, Ohio

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Best Finds: Echinoderms

Well, we did find great things! The next two pics are from the Echinoderm family, found by Karen, is a Sea Star arm, from the Promopalaeaster family, according to Jon Branstrator, a Sea Star Fossil researcher, who identified it on the spot.

Charlie found a beautiful Cystoid!  
The strange part is, this is a Silurian cystoid named Holocystites, according to our expert Dr. Colin Sumrall. Colin says they are found in Indiana. Charlie washed the muddy fossil for me to photograph in a puddle. But it already had cleaning marks on it, which I didn't notice until I saw the photos I took. Mt. Orab is in the Ordovician Arnheim formation. Not Silurian. Perhaps someone planted it on the site so we would find some great fossils. Or maybe someone lost it years ago while showing Dan Cooper his great fossil and left it on the site to get covered with mud and found again after a good rain! Will we ever know? Email me at billheim@cinci.rr.com if you have the answer.

Other Echinoderms found included this Pycnocrinus dyeri crinoid calyx (head).

Another crinoid found was this holdfast. This crinoid had wrapped it's stem around some large object, perhaps a clam. That's a bit unusual. They usually wrap around other crinoid stems. 
  P5280210.JPG P5280211.JPG  

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