Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 28, 2005
Mt. Orab Trilobite Farm, Ohio

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Trilobites: Isotelus

The best trilobite find of the day as this almost perfect, enrolled Isotelus. Nice!

Another enrolled Isotelus that was found, was much smaller. But still impressive at any size.

Lots of Isotelus trilobite fragments were found. Most notably, a number of hypostomes (mouth plates) were found (below two).

Here's a large pair of thorax segments from an Isotelus Trilobite.

And glabella (head) fragments of Isotelus, showing the eye. were also found.

And what field trip would be complete withouth Pygidia (tail plates) of the Isotelus trilobite! (below).

While the Isoteus Trilobite is the Ohio state fossil, other states were represented too, as shown below, by this rock, clearly from Oklahoma! (upside-down)

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