Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 29, 2004
Mt. Orab Trilobite Farm

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Living Fossils Found That Day


We found a very interesting modern arthropod on the rocks that day. It was a mother wolf spider, carrying an egg pouch (the white area in the rear) and hundreds of baby spiders! (the yellow dots on the gray area.) Npow that the babies have hatched, they will ride on their mothers back for about a week before wandering off on their own, perhaps to find a fossil arthropod.  What better place to be! (Wolf spiders do not spin webs. They craw among the rocks on the ground in search of food.)

Here's a great closeup of this spider's babies. Yes, Bob, there was more than one baby, and I did get a good picture of them. (The spider was photographed without touching it or disturbing it, or her babies, in any way. Although it did try to take refuge in my jacket sleeve.)


The kids enjoyed the creek as well. A younster brought back a frog, whose head not only resembles the Isotelus Cephalon, but is enrolled Isotelus were often called Frog Heads, for the obvious similarity.

Our field trip chairman, Bob Bross, showed us how to hypnotize a frog.

That's all! See you next trip! The Search for Noids, Pods and Zoas!

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Page 6: Living Fossils Found That Day

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