Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 29, 2004
Mt. Orab, Ohio, Trilobite Farm

Page 2: More Collecting Photos

As you can see, the skies were mostly clear. 

  p5293733.jpg  p5293739.jpg p5293740.jpg   p5293767.jpg  p5293787.jpg

This trip had specific time limits, since it was a visit to a private trilobite farm. When the whistle blew, we gathered and showed our finds.

Dan Cooper also showed off some of his finds from his Phacops as a preview to next month's field trip to the Penn Dixie trilobite site. (Notice what Dan is using to shade his windshield....cardboard flats!)

There were no major problems in getting our cars out of the grassy burms, despite the muddy conditions.

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Page 5: Fossils Found That Day, Part 3: More Flexicalymene

Page 6: Living Fossils Found That Day

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