Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 29, 2004
Mt. Orab Trilobite Farm

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Fossils Found That Day


There were not as many Isotelus trilobites found, as we might expect. Here's one decent enrolled specimen with some plate fragmentation. It's still a really nice specimen for surface collecting.

One member was very excited to find this beautiful Isotelus trilobite specimen! It looks perfectly clean! but...
But... when he turned it over,...
No head. That's the way it is with surface collecting Isotelus. They are most often dug, carefully cleaned and then glued back together.

Here's a fragement of the Isotelus Thorax, that was more often found that day.


And a Mt Orab field trip report would not be complete without pictures of some of the Flexicalymene trilobites found. It was predicted that at least 100 Flexi's would be found. The actual count, although I didn't count, was around 50 to 75. Just a guess, though.
p5293702.jpg p5293705.jpg p5293708.jpg p5293725.jpg p5293802.jpg p5293803.jpg

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