Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 29, 2004
Mt. Orab Trilobite Farm

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Fossils Found That Day
Crinoids and Other Rarities

As expected, most of the fossils found were Flexicalymene retrorsa trilobites (ho hum). But an unusually large number of crinoid calyxes were found. Here's one of the best finds that day. A beautiful Pycnocrinus dyeri crinoid calyx (cup). There's a great looking, prone, Flexi trilobite right next to it, in the shale. Those omnipresent Flexi's!

Here's an interesting find. It's a single Echinoderm plate. At first glance, you might think it's a cystoid plate. It's more likely to be a cup plate of the crinoid, Pycnocrinus dyeri.

Here's another beautiful calyx of Pycnocrinus dyeri.

This is a much smaller, but more complete specimen of Pycnocrinus dyeri. Note the crinoid arms on the left of this matrix!

This interesting cup of Pycnocrinus dyeri has a peel-away section, showing the crinoid interior.

The site is from the Arnheim formation of the Cincinnatian. A Dry Dredger from a nice portion of a Arnheim Conularia!

Several parts of Nautiloid Cephalopods were also found.

And now, the TRILOBITES! This rock has an interesting genal spine of an Ontopleurid trilobite. It is most likely Acidaspis. Oh, there's a Flexi trilobite to the left that didn't get brushed off the rock. 
p5293854.jpg p5293859.jpg
Shown above is a closeup of the Acidaspis.

It will be interesting when the trilobite below is cleaned. Is it a Proetus spurlocki? (very rare!). Proetus is the juvenile form of Decoroproetus

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