Dry Dredgers Field Trip
Oct 27, 2007
A Scenic Ohio Byway

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Our trip that day was to the upper Liberty and Lower Whitewater Formations, which have a large variety and number of brachiopods. And so, this field trip report is going to have to cover a lot of brachiopods. I open this section, though, with an interesting specimen. It's a horn coral called Streptelasma, which is abundant on this site, attached to a brachiopod, called Lepidocyclus capax. This is interesting because it reveals the life position of the brachiopod. It's nothing earth shattering, though. The brachiopod's pedicle opening is facing down. It's a prize specimen, in any case.

Here's an example from one members collection tray of the wide variety of brachiopods.

There were two common Vinlandostrophia species found, acutillirata and cypha. Vinlandostrophia acutillirata is shown below.

The most abundant brachiopod was Lepidocyclus.

Some of these Lepidocyclus were hollow, filled in with calcite crystals, like mini-geodes!

The single-valve specimens of Lepidocyclus showed the diagnostic muscle scars.

As is true in most of the Cincinnatian Series fossil sites, there were lots of the brachiopod, Rafinesquina.

Quite a few people reporting finding Hebertella.

This site had good numbers of the "potato chip brachiopod" Holtedahlina sulcata.

I think this next one is a Glyptorthis (next two pics). But it's pretty smashed and hard to tell.

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