Dry Dredgers Field Trip
Oct 27, 2007
A Scenic Ohio Byway

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There were plenty of straight-shelled Nautiloids, as seen in the pics below. At the second site, a coiled or possibly curved Cephalopod was found. That picture is found with the fossils from the second site.
  P1010089.jpg P1010090.jpg

Here's a frequently misidentified fossil. It's the ciphuncle of a Cephalopod. The ciphuncle runs down the middle of the shell. The one in the picture below looks like a string of beads and is often mistaken for Echinoderm material. 

Ichnofossils (Trace Fossils)

A few kinds of Ichnofossils were found. A few slabs had worm traces which riddled the surface.

In Greg Courtney's video of this field trip, he finds a big slab that is covered with holes, possibly made by clams or brachiopods.

Click the picture above to watch Greg's video on YouTube.com


This site was unusually loaded with large Bryozoan colonies like the ones pictured below.

Of course there were plenty of ramose (branching) bryozoans too.


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See also Greg Courtney's video of the trip on YouTube.com

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