Vinlandostrophia (formerly Platystrophia)

Order Impunctate
Superfamily Orthacea
Late Ordovician -Cincinnatian

Vinlandostrophia ponderosa

Found in McMillan/Grant Lake. A large brachiopod, globular in shape, with bold costa on the valves. There are three costa in the pedicle sulcus and three costa on the brachial fold. There are two subspecies. Vinlandostrophia ponderosa ponderosa is the more common with an interarea as long as or nearly as long as the shell width. Vinlandostrophia ponderosa auburnensis has a much shorter interarea no longer than the width of the dorsal valve fold. Vinlandostrophia ponderosa auburnensis is confined to the Mt. Auburn.

Vinlandostrophia cypha

Vinlandostrophia laticosta

Vinlandostrophia acutilirata

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