Dry Dredgers Field Trip
Oct 27, 2007
A Scenic Ohio Byway

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Not many crinoid parts were found, perhaps because people were picking up exclusively large objects. We did have one nice find in this category. It was a single plate from the calyx (cup) of Glyptocrinus fornschelli



Lots and lots of internal molds and partial casts were found. Here are pictures of some of them. 

P1010080.jpg P1010081.jpg P1010083.jpg P1010084.jpg P1010086.jpgP1010122.jpg P1010126.jpgP1010131.jpg

External molds of clams were also found.

This next specimen might be a clam. It's probably a cobble, though. You can see bryozoan encrusting this stone on the left side. This indicates that it had this shape in Ordovician times. Ordovician cobble stones rolled around on the ocean floor providing a temporary substrate for all kinds of attaching animals.

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