Dry Dredgers Field Trip
Oct 27, 2007
A Scenic Ohio Byway

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Horn Coral

As promised, everyone had big grins on their faces from the shear quantity of Horn Coral found. Here's a few of shots from member's take-home to show just how abundant the Horn Coral was.

Yet more big smiles resulted from the exceptionally large size of many of the Horn Coral named Grewingkia.

So abundant were the Horn Coral that it was common to find anomalous associations between the Horn Coral and the common Brachiopods.

Another kind of Horn Coral found was the smaller solitary coral that attached to other objects, Streptelasma. The specimens shown in the next two pics are groups of Streptelasma that were being encrusted by Bryozoans.

Among the colonial corals found were lots of the encrusting coral,  Protaraea richmondensis, shown in the next two photos encrusting Brachiopods.


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