Dry Dredgers Field Trip
Sept 29, 2007
Southeast Indiana

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Quite a few of the solitary horn coral, Grewingkia, were found.

The Grewingkia horn coral below was sticking out of the road cut as shown below. It just took a firm pull to free it. The cleaned specimen is shown in the second picture.

Some were encased in rock and unrecoverable, as was the one below.

This horn coral has a beautiful splay of septa, caused by being broken half away. Nice educational specimen. That's a crinoid columnal from a Cincinnaticrinus pentagonus sitting next to it.

In some cases, as is shown below, fragments of horn coral that are basically nothing but groups of septa.

Photo and specimen by Cindy Striley

Another kind of solitary horn coral we found was the smaller Streptelasma. It has a wider opening and usually has evidence that it was attached to something. (next two pics)

Here's one collection of Grewinkia and Streptelasma.

Photo by Cindy Striley

Another group shot. Mostly Grewingkia.

Another kind of coral found in abundance that day was the encrusting colonial coral, Protaraea richmondensis. In the shot below, it's covering a strophomenid Brachiopod.

And at least one specimen was found of the somewhat less common colonial coral, Tetradium. This one is filled with calcite crystals! Good find.

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