Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 27, 2004
Southeast Indiana

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Once again, the Dry Dredgers take advantage of the early spring rains to wash out the trilobites from the shale in Southeast Indiana. The strategy worked. More than 30 trilobites were taken home that day. The turnout of Dry Dredgers at the field trip was exceptional, given that it was forecasted to rain all day. By 10:30 am or so, the sun was out and by the 11 am meeting time, the site was loaded with Dry Dredgers. 

trip_2004_March_27 113.jpgtrip_2004_March_27 083.jpg

The light changed a great deal as the day progressed. It provided the kind of light we need to find trace fossils at some times and tiny trilobites at other times.

trip_2004_March_27 088.jpgtrip_2004_March_27 068.jpg

You didn't need to dig to find trilobites. Nor was it permitted.

The trilobites were found by getting down really close to the shale and CAREFULLY examining every square inch, as illustrated below.
trip_2004_March_27 063.jpgtrip_2004_March_27 006.jpgtrip_2004_March_27 081.jpg


The other big finds were mostly crinoids. A very long stem was found (below). 
 trip_2004_March_27 028.jpg 


This Dredger found an ingenius way of bringing the stem back home for reassembly using duct tape. This method reserves the sequence of each stem segment. Great idea!
trip_2004_March_27 026.jpg


Another interesting find caused a bunch of members to gather around to have a chance to see two Flexicalymene trilobites found side by side, while they are still in situ. This teaches trilobite hunters to recognize trilobites on the ground - - to train the eye. Can you spot the trilobites in the next pictures?
  trip_2004_March_27 151.jpg trip_2004_March_27 158.jpg  

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