Dry Dredgers Field Trip
Sept 29, 2007
Southeast Indiana

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More Trilobites Found That Day


With this many Flexicalymene trilobites, we were bound to find a few of their burrows, called Rusophycus

Fragments of Isotelus trilobites were also found in good numbers. They littered the ground as shown in the next photo.

The next shot shows the genal spine and genal area of the Isotelus.

Next we see the Isotelus fragment in the middle, surrounded with a whole Flexicalymene, crinoid stems (including the one with the 5-sided star pattern from a Cincinnaticrinus pentagonus) and other fragments.

I know this section is about the trilobites found, but while I'm describing crinoid stems, here's a big batch found that day.

Photo by Cindy Striley

  The specimen below is multiple thorax segments of the Isotelus. The Isotelus has eight thorax segments.

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