Dry Dredgers Field Trip
Sept 29, 2007
Southeast Indiana

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A large variety of Brachiopods were found on this site. A typical mix is shown below, among one member's finds.

One of the most common brachiopods we found was Rafinesquina ponderosa. (next 3 pics)

Another really common brach found was Strophomena.

There were also lots and lots of the tiny pebble-sized brachiopod, Zygospira.

Photo by Cindy Striley

It's interesting that you can find good quantities if a brachiopod like the Sowerbyella, which is found much lower in the Latonia/Kope formation. This variety, from the Richmondian, is a sowerbyellid named Eochonetes clarksvillensis.

Photo by Cindy Striley

A large number of the brachiopod, Hiscobeccus. Here's a mix found by Cindy, that shows how many Hiscobeccus there were compared to the others pictured.

Photo by Cindy Striley

Some of the brachiopods were filled in with calcite crystals, making beautiful fossil geodes.

Photo by Cindy Striley

I think this next brach is a single valve of Plaesiomys subquadratus.

A few Hebertella were found, in varying conditions. This next one is not one of the best.

Then comes the harder to identify brachs. The next two specimens have deformations that make it hard to name.

And finally, the specimen below was hard to identify but I think I have it nailed. This was an inarticulate brachiopod named Trematis millepunctata attached to the top of a Rafinesquina. The Trematis is mostly weathered away, but some of the tell-tale white pin-hole-ladened shell remains. Click on the photo below to see the enlargement showing the white shell better.

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