Dry Dredgers Field Trip
Sept 29, 2007
Southeast Indiana

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Yes, there were lots of trilobites found that day. Almost all of the whole ones I saw people find were the tiny trilobite Flexicalymene minuens.


Photo by Cindy Striley

P1010023.jpg P1010025.jpg

Several members found a fist full of Flexicalymene trilobites, including the one who found the trilobites below. Here's something that's always nice to find. It looks like one of these trilobites still had the hypostoma (mouth plate) in place. It's indicated by the red arrow below. This is evidence that the trilobite was inside this particular exoskeleton when it died, rather than the fossil being molted parts. NICE FIND!
P1010168.jpgP1010175.jpg P1010175b.jpg P1010177.jpg P1010178.jpg

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