Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 26, 2005
Brookville, Indiana

Page 7: More Brachiopods

In many layers on this site, people found the genera of brachipod, Strophomena. The red arrow is there to point out that, unlike the more common brachiopod, Rafinequina, the Strophomena shows the hinge opening on the convex side. You will see a comparison photo of Rafinequina shortly.

Another distinquishing trait of the many of the Strophomena found that day was that the half-shells found showed a large, rounded muscle scar. Again, the comparison to the similar, Rafinesquina follows.

The Rafinequina ponderosa, shown above, were pretty abundant on the site. They are the largest of the Rafinesquina genera in the Cincinnatian. They are much larger than the Strophomena, and as the red arrow points out, show the hinge opening on the concave side. This is an easy way to tell them from Strophomena!

For the many half-shelled Rafinesquina found that day, it's easy to tell them from Strophomena from the muscle scars and the dentitions (above). Particularly of note, is the large shoe shapes that make up the pedicle opening. Despite my picture above, which lacks 3D effect, they are quite large and obvious to see. 

That's all for this time! Our next field trip will be April 23, 2005. See you there!

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