Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 26, 2005
Brookville, Indiana

Page 3: More Fossil Finds


Not much in the way of Crinoids were found that day. There were at least a couple examples of circular shaped crinoid stems, one pictured below. This is likely to be a form of holdfast.



There were a lot of internal molds of clams on this site. Here are some of them.

DVC00031.JPGclam1.jpg DVC00042.JPG

The clam above is hard to see, but it's a Caritodens.


I didn't hear of any coiled Cephalopods found that day, but lots of straight-shelled Nautiloid Cephalopods were found. Here's some of them.


cephalopod011.jpg cephalopod02a.jpg
Both Sides

The interesting specimen, above, is a group of Cephalopod internal molds. At least that's what it looks like! 

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