Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 26, 2005
Brookville, Indiana

Page 2: Best Finds and (yawn..) Trilobites

One of the best finds of the day was a much coveted Conularia! Seen below with a close-up of the surface texture in the second picture, this animal was an early jellyfish that had a pyramid-shaped shell. The pyramid is preserved, but is most often flattened as is true in this specimen.

conularia1.jpg conularia2.jpg
Above photos compliments of Cindy

The other best find was a nice, relatively complete, enrolled Isotelus maximus trilobite! This is a medium-sized specimen as Isotelus come.

Trilobite Isotelus

This site was loaded with Isotelus trilobite pieces. This is how a person normally finds Isotelus trilobites. In the photo below, a Dry Dredger found a rather nice section Isotelus thorax. This fragment is from a pleural lobe (side lobe of this "tri-lobe" animal).  

Many rocks were literally chunk full of Isotelus fragments. They are the brown colored surfaces with little or no surface texture.

There were a half dozen, or so, complete Flexicalymene retrorsa found. Many were only partially enrolled.
Above two photos compliments of Cindy

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