Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 26, 2005
Brookville, Indiana

Page 6: More Brachiopods

Almost everyone found examples in good condition of the articulate brachiopod, Glyptorthis


Quite a few Dry Dredgers that day were proud finders of the beautiful brachiopod, Hebertella.

The Hebertella can be easily distinguished from the Glyptorthis by the triangularly shaped hing opening and by one valve (shell) being domed while the other is a gentle wave shape. 
(Note to the astute:  The Plaesiomys subquadratus has this description too, but has a more rectangular outline, among other unique features.)
 When you fossil hunt on these fossil-rich hillsides long enough, you don't need technical details to tell these brachiopods apart. They begin to look so different!!!

Above photo compliments of Cindy

This Hebertella has an interesting hole in it that may be a boring from a predator, possibly a platycerid gastropod (snail with an attitude).

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