Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 27, 2004
Southeast Indiana

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Fossils Found That Day, Part III

Here are some more Flexicalymene Trilobites. The small ones are Flexicalymene, from the Liberty Formation and the larger ones are Flexicalymene retrorsa from the Waynesville Formation

trip_2004_March_27 071.jpg trip_2004_March_27 073.jpg trip_2004_March_27 076.jpg  trip_2004_March_27 080.jpg  trip_2004_March_27 091.jpgtrip_2004_March_27 136.jpg trip_2004_March_27 141.jpg trip_2004_March_27 168.jpg trip_2004_March_27 128.jpg

It's too bad my picture is out of focus. This is a really nice grouping of more than 10 Rusophycus (Flexicalymene burrows). 
trip_2004_March_27 098.jpg

And now for the MINERAL FINDS! Here's a nicely formed Pyrite crystal sitting right on top of a shale nodule. For more information on Pyrite and other minerals, contact the Cincinnati Mineral Society, our sister group at http://mineralsociety.org/
trip_2004_March_27 149.jpg

Well, that's all folks. See you next month. The field trip will April 24th, to an undiscosed new exposure in Northern Kentucky! Hope to see you there!

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