Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 27, 2004
Southeast Indiana

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Fossils Found That Day, Part II

As you can see in the shot below, the finds were mostly Brachiopods and Horn Coral.
trip_2004_March_27 135.jpg

A good number Cyclonema were found. This is one of the only types of Gastropods (snails) on the site, that are shell replacements, rather than simply internal molds.
  trip_2004_March_27 019.jpg

Here's a two-sided internal mold of a bivalve, possibly Modiolopsis.
trip_2004_March_27 057.jpg

There were plenty of the very attractive Bryozoan called Constellaria on the site. This bryozoan can be easily identified by the star-shaped monticules.
trip_2004_March_27 111.jpg

And NOW! Some of the trilobites we found. Quite a few tiny, but complete, Isotelus trilobites were found in the same layer found at Ceasar Creek. 
trip_2004_March_27 046.jpg
   trip_2004_March_27 055.jpg

Much bigger Isotelus trilobites were found, but they were too fragmented for reassembly. Here is a very nice genal area.
trip_2004_March_27 059.jpg

As for Flexicalymene, we know that at least 30 specimens were found that day. The picture below is of a prone trilobite. It's probably a molt, because the thorax segments are disarticulated.
trip_2004_March_27 121.jpg

Many members found two or three Flexi's. Here's one take-home numbering 11!.
trip_2004_March_27 145.jpg

There was a mix of tiny Flexi's, from the top of the Liberty Formation at this site, while the larger Flexi's are mostly from further down the cut in the Ft. Ancient of the Waynesville Formation.
trip_2004_March_27 037.jpg
  trip_2004_March_27 045.jpg

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