Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 27, 2004
Southeast Indiana

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Fossils Found That Day, Part I

Lots of trilobites were found that Saturday. But the best find, perhaps, was this beautiful specimen of the crinoid Plicodendocrinus casei. Note the anal sac at the top of the calyx. It's broken, but helps identify this specimen easily. It also looks very much like the specimen Jack Kallmeyer showed us in his slide show, the night before the field trip, of fossils we might find.  
trip_2004_March_27 159.jpg

If that crinoid wasn't the best find, perhaps this coveted Conularia specimen was! It was a real eye-popper.
 trip_2004_March_27 122.jpg

Another great find was this excellent coiled nautiloid cephalopod. A member traced along the layer suspected to have these large, unusual cephalopod and was persistent enough to find a nice one! Note the Calcite crystals in the second photo.  
 trip_2004_March_27 102.jpg trip_2004_March_27 107.jpg trip_2004_March_27 110.jpg

Other fossils found include the Brachiopod Glyptorthis insculpta.
 trip_2004_March_27 014.jpg  

There are layers on this site that are almost entirely brachipods. The rock shown below is a good example of shingled Rafinesquina.
trip_2004_March_27 016.jpg
trip_2004_March_27 062.jpg

Lots and lots of the Horn Coral known as Grewingkia were found.
trip_2004_March_27 017.jpg
trip_2004_March_27 035.jpgtrip_2004_March_27 174.jpg

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