Joint Field Trip and Picnic
Dry Dredgers and Kentucky Paleontological Society
April 24, 2004

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The movement of our annual joint field trip and picnic with the Kentucky Paleontological Society from June to April appears to have been successful. At least 20 people attended and the weather, which is variable in April, was in our favor. This year, the Dry Dredgers hosted the trip with Dan Cooper leading.

The "after collecting" grill-out was a smaller group, but made the food taste better. 
Here's the story, in photos, of the wonderful day. We can't thank the KPS enough, especially Dan Phelps and Rick Schrantz, for showing us a good time.

To prevent early release of the site location, when the day began, we all met at the Dairy Queen, had some fast food for lunch and planned for a late afternoon picnic of hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill.

Kentucky is a wonderful state for fossil collecting. While we were waiting to leave for the first field trip site, we were able to pass the time fossil collecting on a nearby hill cut.

On this hill cut, there were lots of the well preserved clam, Caritodens.

The best part of the hill cut was lots of the colonial coral, Tetradium.

The pre-field trip site also had a large number of the Brachiopod, Hebertella.

Dan Phelps, of the KPS, also reports that on the way to the field trip he found a really nice coiled Cephalopod, in Cynthiana, KY. I wish, now, that I had photographed this beautiful and unusual specimen. Such opportunities are few and far between. Nice find, Dan!

As soon as everyone arrived at the rendezvous point, Dry Dredgers Field Trip Chairman, Dan Cooper, tore us away from the hill cut to prepare for the caravan to our field trip site.

Dan Phelps also provided us with first hand information on our chosen site.

Once we arrived at the site, Dan Cooper pointed out the layers available on the site and what could be found. Jack Kallmeyer, the night before at the Dry Dredgers meeting, had presented photos of what the fossils look like.

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