Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 26, 2006
Northern Kentucky Road Cut
Photos by Ron Fine and Bill Heimbrock

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Among the Brachiopods found, the only unusual type is found in a thin layer at the top of this road cut. It's Rafinesquina squamula which is exclusively found in the Southgate of the Kope.


The shells of pelecypods (clams) were well preserved on this site. Here are a couple of beautiful specimens of Ambonychia.

The clams were also found as internal and external molds. This next specimen is an external mold.

Here's a clam that is both an internal and external mold! 


The site was a good one for finding trace fossils. The next two trace fossils were probably made by worms, but who knows.

The rippled trace below could be the foot prints of the giant trilobite, Isotelus.

That's all for this trip. 

Now it's time for our Annual show, Geofair!

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