Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 26, 2006
Northern Kentucky Road Cut
Photos by Ron Fine and Bill Heimbrock

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All that was found in the way of trilobites were fragments. There were lots and lots of lace collar pieces in the rocks. These are the parts of Cryptolithus tessellatus.

Good numbers of Isotelus fragments were found too. Here's a hypostome (mouth plate) on the surface of a rock.

But most commonly, were the fragments of Flexicalymene. Shown below is a free cheek.


This site is great for crinoids. Plenty of calyxes (heads/cups) were found. All five of the photo below are of the Kope Formation crinoids, Ectenocrinus simplex.

  ectenocrinus.jpg ectenocrinus2.jpg ectenocrinus3.jpg ectenocrinus4.jpg ectenocrinus5.jpg  

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