Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 26, 2006
Northern Kentucky Road Cut
Photos by Ron Fine and Bill Heimbrock

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Bryozoans were everywhere and littered the site as shown below.

Here's an interesting trace fossil, found as various shaped holes, such as crosses and stars, in the surface of bryozoans. They are called Catellocaula vellata.

There were plenty of the cone-shaped bryozoans, Prasapora simulatrix. The specimen below is the underside of a specimen in matrix, showing a part of the brachiopod it was encrusting. Be sure and check the bottoms of these bryozoans for the spiny trilobite Meadowtownella crosotus.


Plenty of snail internal molds were found.

Here's an internal mold of the very large Kope snail, Subulites sulcata (Ulrich).

Quite a few slabs were found that were loaded with almost entirely snails. The snails are often brown,  showing some external shell features.

Many of the snail shells found were recent. These are the remains of modern land snails. At least one member was collecting these too. 

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