Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 26, 2006
Northern Kentucky Road Cut

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Photos by Ron Fine and Bill Heimbrock

The Dry Dredgers had great weather for a return visit to this popular Northern Kentucky road cut. The turn out of members was good. Many members came with their hand lenses, after seeing the field trip preview presented by Bill Heimbrock at the Dry Dredgers meeting the night before. 

The site is a huge road cut exposing most of the Southgate member of the Latonia Formation (Kope). This represents the Late Ordovician Period (450 million years old).


In the center of the cut is an area where water has exposed the layers of the Southgate. Everywhere else on the site, decades of material falling down the hill have covered the actual layers.

Most of the collecting was done on the east end of the cut. 

At both ends of the cut, the slope is gentle, so collecting was easy, and the tiny Kope fossils were plentiful.

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