Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 25, 2006
Southeast Indiana

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There is a huge variety of Brachiopods found on this site. Here are just a couple of the genera we found that day.

Abundant Lepidocyclus capax.

An occassional Eochonetes clarksvillensis (referrred to referred to Eoplectodonta clarksvillensis)

We had a fair number of clam finds. Here's a beautiful specimen below. It's an internal mold, with some coloring remaining from the original shell.

I didn't see many cephalopods found that day, although they are out there. Here's one found, encased in a slab.

Good numbers of horn corals were found. These fall into two groups. The larger ones that come to a point are probably Grewingkia (first pic) and the smaller ones that have a blunt end where they may have attached to a hard object, are Streptelasma


That's all folks! If you were among the brave few out there with us and found some fossils you'd like pictured on this page, send the images to billheim@cinci.rr.com

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