Dry Dredgers Field Trip
April 29, 2006
Brookville Indiana
Arnheim, Waynesville and Liberty Formations, Late Ordovician Period

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Our April field trip was to a prolific site for fossils in Indiana near Brookville. It has been producing great quantities of nice fossils for many years.  It had rained a good part of the night and rain was forecast for the day, so the attendance was about a dozen people. It didn't rain at all while we collected, although it was mostly overcast. 

The site was muddy and slippery as shown in the pictures below. It was difficult to hold your footing near the top of the road cut. But there were plenty of fossils in the bottom half of the cut and no one left disappointed. 


While we were there, three different colleges also visited the site. It was great to work side by side with them all, and share information. 

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