Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 25, 2006
Southeast Indiana

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As always, at this site, there were a fair number of Flexicalymene trilobites found.

Included in the photo above is a nice case of multiple Rhusophycus (trilobite burrows) on one rock.

Shown below, a member found part of an Isotelus trilobite's mouth plate, called a hypostome.


Aside from the trilobites, there were was a nice variety of mollusks found. Below is an interesting example of a bellerophontid gastropod. This one is covered with bryozoans.


A similar mollusk found, was this Cyrtolites, but it's covered mostly in matrix, so after it's cleaned, we may find it's Sinuites

And, of course, some spired gastropods were found, including the one below. This one's an internal mold, with no remaining external shell features. The surface on this specimen depict the features of the inside surface of the original shell!

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