Dry Dredgers Field Trip
October 29, 2005
A Northern Kentucky Byway

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Trace Fossils Found

The trace fossils in the next two photos we call "dumb bells" for their shape, but they are actually Diplocraterian.  They are worm burrows, where the worm comes up to the surface of the ocean floor in two places, making a pair of holes.

Another interesting trace fossil we found is this one, below, where the holes are in a row as if the worm hopped from hole to hole!
Thanks to Jack Kallmeyer for identifying this one. It's Rhabdoglyphus sp..

I have no idea what animal made the trace fossil below. But it is interesting.

Brachiopods Found

Several examples of tight clusters of the tiny Brachiopod, Zygospira, were found. The one below is amazing, but fairly common.

More often, the Zygospira were found in smaller quantities. The ones below were exceptionally large in size, though.

Annelid Worm Tubes 

Also found was an exceptionally large cluster of annelid worm tubes. called Cornulitids (Cornulites and similar genera). It's a really nice specimen! (next two pictures, before cleaning) It's pictured here upside-down.

Snails Found

Of course, there was a wide variety of abundant gastropods found. The ones beow are Cyclonema and Paupospira.


Spiders Found

And our field trip chairperson would not let us go without spying the living arthropods. This one appears to be a variety of Argiope. We were all amazed at the size of this species, which we found in great numbers on this site. Don't be afraid of them! Happy Halloween!


That's all folks!

Check out our next field trip to the PCS Mine, in North Carolina!

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