Dry Dredgers Field Trip
October 29, 2005
A Northern Kentucky Byway

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Trilobites Found

As usual, the most common trilobite found was Flexicalymene. Here's a tiny, but nice, prone Flexi!

Most were enrolled.

Crinoids Found

There were several exceptional crinoids found that day. The one below was pieced back together from two rocks and a four-rock assembly showed several crinoids. The crinoids shown below appear to be Ectenocrinus simplex


Another member, who remains nameless but is our treasurer, displayed three crinoid calyxes. These, too, are Ectenocrinus simplex.

Many of the crinoids were found in "log jams", large assemblages of articulated stems and occasional calyxes. The one below has two calyxes while the picture after that shows only stems.


Most often, though, rocks with individual long stems without calyxes were found (two below).

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