Dry Dredgers Field Trip
October 29, 2005
A Northern Kentucky Byway

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Bryozoans Found

The best bryozoans found were numerous examples of the uncommon sword-shaped bryozoan called Escharopora falciformis. (Next 3 pics)
P1010034.JPG escar_close.jpg     

A particularly beautiful bryozoan found and abundant in some layers, was one with star-shaped monticules, named Constellaria. (two below). --The first of the two is a particularly nice specimen!

One of the more interesting but less seen Bryozoans, due to their small size, are the fenestrate Bryozoans. One found that day is shown below.

We found a very interesting bryozoan that appears to have grown in a nearly perfect radial pattern and has a substantial size.

The next bryozoan is special because it's colored red. Although we are likely to be looking at iron oxide, it spurs our imagination to think what the original colors of this colony were.

It's seldom that we see twiggy (ramose) bryozoans in one piece, but when it's in shale, as seen below,  we get a decent picture of what they looked like in life. This one has a crinoid with it.

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