Joint Field Trip and Picnic
Dry Dredgers and Kentucky Paleontological Society
April 24, 2004

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Page 4: Fossils Found That Day, Part II

This site had some interesting trace fossils. Several examples of the famous "U" shaped burrow, called Diplocriterian, were found (below). No, this picture is not upside-down. The fossil is right-side up to show the way it was in life. The worm that made this fossil apparently had two ways to stick up above the mud. Note the widened area at the bottom. This is a common trait of this kind of Ichnofossil.

The next specimen looks at first like a giant Diplocriterian. But it's a drill hole about 4 inches wide. The site is new, so there is still evidence of how they drilled into the rocks to produce this road side cut. It may be possible to find rejected drill bits on this site. Dry Dredgers president, Jack Kallmeyer, found one on the Maysville site! 

In the Crinoid category, not very much was found, as far as I heard. Some nice slabs with crinoid stems were found. Pictures below.
    P1013376.JPG  P1013380.JPG 

Other finds include a variety of snails. The one below, found on a slab, is a platycerid gastropod, probably a Cyclonema.

This site had a layer of Strophomena named Trigrammaria planoconvexa, that are specifically found in the Fairview Formation. 

At the third site we visited, there was an interesting layer with red colored clams and/or snails. It didn't look like normal oxidation to me. But I'll open it up to others to send me your thoughts on this one (email 

That's all! Next Field Trip: May 2004 - To the Famous Mt Orab, Ohio Trilobite Farm


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