Joint Field Trip and Picnic
Dry Dredgers and Kentucky Paleontological Society
April 24, 2004

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Page 3: Fossils Found That Day, Part I

Well, not very many trilobites were found, but there were lots of Nautiloid Cephalopods to be proud of. 

P1013360.JPG P1013361.JPG
The Cephalopod above has an interesting Bryozoan growing on it, named Spatiopora. The monticules are aligned in the direction of the water flow when the Cephalopod swam. This demonstrates that the Cephalopod was still alive when it became encrusted by this epizoan (attacher).

Perhaps the best finds of the day were a couple of Bryozoans. Below is shown an uncommon Bryozoan, limited to the Fairview, called Escharopora falciformis. These unusual Bryozoans are spear shaped.

  P1013340.JPG P1013340_close.JPG
The photo above is a closeup of the Escharopora falciformis, showing the well organized zooecia.

Another species of the same, rare Bryozoan may have been found. This one (below) is Escharopora hilli. It is distinguised from the other spear-shaped species by the the presence of ridges. The specimen pictured below is mostly covered with shale, so we are not sure, until it is cleaned, that we know what it is. All of the pictures shown are before cleaning.

Another beautiful Bryozoan that was found is Constellaria (below), characterized by the star-shaped monticules.

There were a few Flexicalymene Trilobites found that day. But the only one I had the opportunity to photograph was all blurred (below).

There were some parts of uncommon trilobites found. The picture below shows a bivalve clam named Caritodens. On the same slab were a couple of parts of a yet-unidentified trilobite. At left is a glabella (head part) and on the right, the underside of an undetermined part.

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