Dry Dredgers
Annual May Field Trip
May 24, 2003

Page 4: Fossil Found while Surface Collecting

Some of the best Flexicalymene were found on the surface in the reject piles. The next two pictures show a pair of Flexicalymene retrorsa that were climbing over one another when they died. One can only speculate as to what these trilobites were doing at the time. This layer has such a high population of Flexi's that you could say they really were "climbing all over each other."

The Flexi below was found still encased in hard shale, providing an external mold of the specimen. Cindy has supplied us with a clearer picture of this specimen if you click on the small pic. You can also see the other fossils Cindy found that day at http://nebulagirl.com/fossils/ .

This Flexi shares the matix with a spectacular Echinoderm. Whether this is a crinoid, seastar or edrioasteriod will have to wait until the specimen is professionally cleaned.

There were many "micro-Flexi's" found.

I'm not sure what kind of trilobite this one is. It's shaped like an Isotelus.

The pictures to follow show the vast quantities of Flexicalymene and other fossils found on the surface.


Picking up items from the tray above, some of the specimens are individually pictured below. The first picture shows a pair of matching Isotelus genal spines, one rotated 180 degrees of the other.

Then we have two pictures of the eyes of the large Isotelus trilobite.

Here's a black clam. When digging them directly out of the clay, the delicate shell is preserved as this black material. Clams found on the surface are typically without this black coating because it weathers away almost immediately.

This lucky surface collector found what I think might be the rare gastropod that Steve Felton is looking for in the Arnheim formation. It resembles a Cyclonema but has cross ridges as shown below. BE SURE TO CONTACT STEVE FELTON AT cycloshf@fuse.net IF YOU FIND ONE OF THESE!!!

Although many more fossils were found but not pictures, that's all for now! If you found something on this trip and would like it pictured or mentioned, email me, Bill Heimbrock, at billheim@drydredgers.org .

Next Field Trip: June 14, 2003: Search for Noids, Pods and Zoas!

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