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Annual May Field Trip
May 24, 2003

Page 2: Fossils Found

This was a very memorable field trip for many members. Several members found their very first trilobite that day.

 No matter what age you find your first trilobite, you never forget it. It's a thrill and Mt. Orab is the place where that magic happens!

Here's another "first trilobite find" for an adult member.

Fossil Found While Digging

We will start our tour of fossils extracted by digging with a very unusual and exciting find of an articulated Cephalopod more than 2 feet long! This was discovered while digging trilobites. It is at least as nice as a hand-full of Flexicalymene's.

The picture above shows that the narrow end of the Cephalopod was preserved in solid rock as a whole, partially filled with Calcite crystals.

Flexicalymene Found While Digging

Here are some of the Flexicalymene retrorsa trilobites uncovered by the diggers. Both enrolled and prone dispositions were found.

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