Dry Dredgers
Annual May Field Trip
May 24, 2003

Page 3: Some Isotelus Found From Digging

Here are some of the Isotelus maximus trilobites uncovered by digging. Just as with the Flexi's, some were enrolled and some were prone.

This enrolled Isotelus was one of the largest and nicest trilobites found that day, but not the largest.

Here was one of the smallest enrolled Isotelus found.

This prone Isotelus (below 4 pictures) got everyone's heart pumping, but had a great deal of loose fragments that will require pain staking reassembly.

Often the clay reveals what appears to be a huge trilobite, but after careful escavation, it's discovered that the trilobite is a partial, as shown below (2 pics)

And again, a big enrolled Isotelus looks exciting, but is missing a great deal of exoskeleton..

Many Isotelus pygidia (tails) were uncovered, a couple shown below.

Many finds were wrapped up in plastic wrap or paper towels. So some of the neat things found were not photographed.

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