Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 29, 2003
Florence, KY

Site 2: Fossils Found

The second site had lots of large slabs, some of which contained quite large, prone Flexi's.

Flash! This just in. (May 3) A member has reported that they found a HUGE Acidaspis Trilobite during this field trip on the second site. THIS IS THE BEST FIND OF THE DAY! Congratulations!

Here's another great find! (shown here with a molted pygidium (tail) found separately)

Here's another nice Flexi on a large slab...

Here's an interesting slab with lots of trace fossils. I don't know if these are trilobite burrows, but here was an enrolled Flexi on it.

Here's a close-up of one of the burrows on the slab..

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Flory

And here's a picture of the Flexi on the slab.

Many of the slabs just had trilobite parts on them.

Other Flexi's found were badly weathered, as the one below illustrates. When these trilobites are left uncollected, they fall apart after only a few rains. Finding a trilobite is rescuing it from destruction!

Some tiny Flexi's were found as well.

There were some Iocrinus parts found to. Iocrinus have a holdfast that coils around other objects. There was at least one found of these holdfasts found at the second site.
Photo Courtesy of Dan Cooper

Here is a beautiful Iocrinus calyx that was found. It has arms in a "star burst" pattern, caused by the crinoid landing upside-down upon death and burial.

This Cyclonema was found with encrusters.

Quite a few Cephalopods were found on this site, too.

Photo courtesy of Dan Cooper

Here is a nice internal mold of a clam specimen with both sides in place.

There were many clusters of ramose (branching) bryozoans on this site.

That's all! Next field trip: April 2003: Brookville, Indiana

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