Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 29, 2003
Florence, KY

Site 1: Fossils Found

A fair number of Flexicalymene meeki trilobites were found at the first site. The first one, pictured here in the first and second pictures, was by far the biggest. If it were stretched out, it would be over 2 inches long. Nice find!

There were lots of rocks with the tell-tale signs of trilobites - the molted head, tail and thorax segments as shown below.

This specific trilobite layer is easily found at various sites in Northern Kentucky by the trilobite molt parts along side a certain pencil-like bryozoan, shown below.
The layer is in the Corryville formation, which can be identified by a unique species of Rafinesquina Brachiopod named Rafinesquina nasuta. which is characterized as having a "nose" or bump as seen in the specimen from this site shown below.
Photo courtesy of Dan Cooper


Another kind of fossil that was abundant on this site is the Nautiloid Cephalopod.

We now proceed to the second site.

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