Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 29, 2003
Florence, KY

Site 1: Collecting

We have a great turnout of at least 30 members for this trip, with cold weather and the threat of rain. But it didn't rain at all while we were there.

Our first site had been cleared in the fall of 2002 and left to weather over winter. Before that, it was a hill cut on a coldesac that had yielded good quantities of Flexicalyeme meeki for many years. These Flexi's are larger than normal and many of them were prone or partially enrolled. With this hill cut razed and some of the layer spread over a large area, we arrived expecting to find a bonanza of trilobites.

The site is private property and the exact location will not be revealed here. We were given permission from the land owners for this trip (Thanks Bill!) which we always recommend you do as well.

We parked and gathered at the entrance to the site so that Dan could prep us and give everyone an even start on finding the best specimens.

Click on a picture to see an enlargement.

Dan began by explaining the layers exposed here.


And now GO!

As you can tell from the pictures, this was a muddy site. It had rained the night before.

The Dry Dredgers give a hearty thanks to Dan Cooper, who took time from his busy schedule to plan this excellent local field trip. :-)

Hey! Is that our Strimple Award winner , Steve Felton out there???

It sure is Steve Felton! What could he be looking for?

Oh! Of course! He's finding snails. This one is an undocumented variety that strongly resembles Cyclonema but has lower whorls and other unique traits.

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