Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 29, 2003
Florence, KY

Written by Bill Heimbrock
Photos by Bill Heimbrock, Dan Cooper and Cheryl Flory


It was a cold, overcast morning in late March when we gathered at the McDonalds in Florence, Kentucky, for a tour of the Corryville Formation by Dan Cooper. While waiting for our members to arrive, Dan got into the back of his van and showed us some samples of what we may find that day.

Dan showed us some examples of the trilobite Flexicalymene meeki from the Corryville and how to tell them apart from Flexicalymene retrorsa from the Richmondian.

 He showed us examples of the crinoids that can be found, notably Iocrinus.

And, of course, some of the prized Edrioasteroids that are often found in the Corryville. The one Dan is holding is a Streptaster.

And now, lets head out to our first site!

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