Dry Dredgers Field Trip
September 28, 2002
Richmond, Indiana

Page 1: Some photos of Jon's opening talk

Page 2: Pictures of the road cut
Page 3: Pictures of the Dry Dredgers collecting fossils
Page 4: Pictures of Fossils Found That Day, Part I
Page 5: Pictures of Fossils Found That Day, Part II

Page 4:
Pictures of Fossils Found That Day, Part I

The rain had exposed a great wealth of fossil finds that day. But best of all, Jon Branstrator, our guest host, had showed us some samples of an algae oncolites that can be found these layers. We immediately began finding specimens on this site ourselves!

Pictured below is Jon Branstrator's boot toe and just a couple inches below it, an algae nodule! Jon suggested we mention that his boot is a size 14 for scale. Proof that these algae can be easily found on this site if you know what it looks like.

A close-up of the algae oncolites (above) show the color and texture. It looks like a reddish brown sand stone with no particular surface features in most cases.

For those of you who find algae fossils uninteresting (not me!), there were a few trilobites found that day. The pictured below is the glabella of what we think is a Ceraurinus. Click the picture for an enlargement.

Picture and specimen courtesy of Cindy Striley.

Here's more than half of a prone trilobite found that day (below). It's another Ceraurinus.

Picture and specimen courtesy of Cindy Striley.

Greg Courtney, our Education Chair, spotted a monoplacophoran in the cliff face, shown below.

So he went to work and chiseled it out.

Shown below, is what appears to be a nice sized bellerophontids monoplacophoran completely removed.

Other monoplacophoran were also found that day. The one below is unrecoverable from the matrix.

Here is a couple of views of a Brachiopod, Hebertella (before washing.)

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