Dry Dredgers Field Trip
September 28, 2002
Richmond, Indiana

Page 1: Some photos of Jon's opening talk

Page 2: Pictures of the road cut
Page 3: Pictures of the Dry Dredgers collecting fossils
Page 4: Pictures of Fossils Found That Day, Part I
Page 5: Pictures of Fossils Found That Day, Part II

Page 5
Pictures of Fossils Found That Day, Part II

At least two people found crinoid holdfasts on Hebertella Brachiopods (below.)

Picture and specimen courtesy of Cindy Striley (CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT)

Many different genera of brachiopods were found at this site. Here is a huge specimen of Plaesiomys subquadratus (or possibly a Glyptorthis).

Here's another beautiful brachiopod. This one is a Vinlandostrophia acutilirata.

Picture and specimen courtesy of Cindy Striley (CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT)

There were numerous inarticulate brachiopods named Trematis millepunctata found. The one pictured below was excellently preserved by being encrusted by the coral  Protaraea richmondensis.Lots of Protaraea richmondensis was also found encrusting articulate brachiopods.

Another brachiopod found in great abundance on the trip was Rhynchotrema dentatum (below).

One ingenious member collected all the broken parts to a huge mass of bryozoan in order to take it home and glue it back together. It will make an impressive display.

Another great find was this fragment if a large, coiled cephalopod. Two views of the specimen are shown below.

And large numbers of the Horn Corals Grewingkia canadensis (left) and Streptalasma rusticum (right) were found.

My camera battery died before I could photograph everything that was found. Among the other great finds included a the perfectly preserved features of a Conularia on the surface of a bryozoan.

If you found something on this trip and would like to show it on this field trip report, email your pictures to me at billheim@drydredgers.org

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