Dry Dredgers Field Trip
September 28, 2002
Richmond, Indiana

With Guest Host: Jon Branstrator


It was a perfect day for fossil collecting. We had rained all day for two days that week and then Saturday was clear skies, moderate temperatures and an autumn sun. The site we were visiting had been picked over all summer, without any rain to expose more fossils. Before the rains, the site was a disappointment to some collectors. But not today. There was moist clay and soil which allowed easy fossil extraction and the rocks were still wet, which allowed the fossils to be color-coded pink and brown against the gray shale. The turn-out was excellent, too, with more than 30 members attending.

What made this day even more perfect was the fact that we had Dr. Jon Branstrator of Earlham College to instruct us on the specifics of this site. Jon gave an opening presentation for us describing the site, the event stratigraphy, the fossil flora and fauna, as well as explaining some of the reasons for the interesting mix of sizes and preservations of fossils found here. It was very helpful and informative. We all extend a special thanks to Jon. He made our collecting time so much more rewarding.

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